What people have to say about SUPvasana Yoga ~

Thinking about trying stand up paddle boarding?  Wait no more, SUPvasana will patiently and expertly guide you or your small group on an amazing experience! Drop your fear, make the time, you won't regret it. Thank you Felicia for bringing mind, body, and nature together. I had a fabulous first time.  
- Marilyn R, Nevada City, CA

My friend Dana and I recently took a SUP yoga class with Felicia on beautiful Scott's Flat lake in Nevada County. Felicia is not only a warm and gracious person but she has a calm and knowledgeable manner on the water and off. I would definitely recommend her and I hope to be taking more classes from her soon. It was truly a worthwhile experience.  
- Anna B. San Francisco CA


I had the best time taking the SUP Board Yoga class. It was my first time with SUP, I was nervous but quickly comforted!  A must do over and over! Thanks for the great class Felicia! 
- Dawn L, Rocklin, CA

Felicia is an amazing yoga teacher and paddle board guide. It was my first time and I had a great time! What a wonderful way to do yoga! Fun! Fun! Fun!         
- Anna-Thea, Grass Valley, CA


It was so much fun bringing my 12-going on teenager to Scott's Flat with Felicia. Being on the board offered us so much peace & play that it was well worth the money. It is a great way to spend a day with family, as there is enough room for personal time on the lake as well as being together.   
- Brooke S, Yogini Mama, Grass Valley, CA

I love SUP with Felicia.  She took a group of us to Lower Scott's Flat lake and we had an enchanting time.  Peaceful surroundings, warm sun, relaxing and challenging yoga and I'm honored that I was one of the few students who fell in the water!  OH so invigorating!  
- Katie C, Nevada City, CA

Looking out at the perfect symmetry of nature's beauty while floating on a yoga board in a favorite pose is a blissful experience. Thank you Felicia!     
- Suzanne C, Santa Cruz, CA

My time on the lake with Felicia was beautiful and spiritual.  She has a wonderful way of supporting one to be present to both the inner and outer beauty of nature. The peace, joy and relaxation being on the water and present in body, mind and soul was so nourishing.  
- Nancee S, Oakland, CA


I booked paddle board Yoga with Felicia at Supvasana Yoga. I met Felicia at the boat ramp at cascade shores at nine. When I turned and saw the lake it was breathtaking. The water was like glass. Air temp mild and warm. I had been on a paddle board before but the one Felicia provided was much better, wider and stable. Felicia was fun and friendly giving easy to understand instruction. We glided out and immediately I was loving this morning. After throwing a small sandbag anchor ( More fun and really practical) she started teaching stability moving around on the board, how to maneuver and the basics. I needed some basics before trying yoga poses. When we moved on to yoga we started simple with eyes open ...Felicia encourages this for better balance and really taking in the beautiful surroundings. While I am a yoga practitioner I found something more in paddleboard yoga. The movement of the board itself, the water and the quiet made this truly unique. I felt a new dimension of practice. As well, this would suit a variety of people. Savasna was lovely while I dangled my hands and feet in the cool water. We paddled back and Felicia encouraged me to cruise around while she went to get her car. I highly recommended this experience to anyone. Well worth the price. I went back nine days later. Got on my mat later and felt so strong! Also, I've been in many studios throughout Cali and Felicia has the biggest most beautiful yoga studio I have ever seen! 
- Dan M, Nevada City, CA

Yesterday I went with Felicia, SUPVASANA yoga's teacher and guide. I  got to experience being on a Stand Up Paddle board, for the very first time, and do yoga on it! I went with an adventuresome spirit, combined with a little anxiety and wondered about  my creature comfort, like how wet will I get? Will I be able to balance? Will I even be able to stand up on the thing or would my fear have me just kneel there for the whole time while the class was exploring lifting their leg and downwards dogs? I was the oldest of the bunch at 60, 2 prosthetic hips, a chronic spinal fracture, and only about 5'2" with shoes. To my pleasant surprise it was EASY.  I felt very held and cared for with the good instruction from Felicia. She had me on the board and out onto the lake in no time. Showed me how to get to a standing position, EASY. And the paddling after a little coaching came naturally. The best part was that I didn't get wet at all!  I loved the ambiance of the floating yoga studio. We started class breathing with our eyes open and took in the beauty of our surroundings, we did downward dogs, looked through our legs and saw the trees upside down, child's pose was also scenic. The whole experience  felt empowering, enlivening,  and relaxing for the mind. I left a happier girl. I will do this again it was so fun!    
- Shari W, Nevada City, CA

In gratitude and praise of Felicia!   I returned home to the Western North Carolina mountains with memories of the Paddle board yoga experience in Grass Valley, California. Oh how I love California. Felicia Sobonya showed me great patience and kindness. I’ve had a deep seeded fear of water my entire life and she talked me through standing on the paddle board even though my legs were visibly shaking. As I stood and paddled I became stronger in my legs and by the end the shaking was gone. She even had me doing yoga poses before the day was done. I ended the class with a new feeling of ‘I can do anything’. THANK YOU Felicia. It was a monumental accomplishment for me. And I actually had fun. The lake was beautiful quiet and peaceful. 
        I highly recommend Felicia, fear and all. SUP Yoga rocks! She was great with the others in the group who caught on fast and enjoyed the experience as well. Give her a call and experience SUP Yoga. Thanks Felicia!   - Charlene S., Hayesville, NC.

What a fantastic day! A beautiful day on the lake, just us, the paddle boards, and nature. Felicia is in her element here, and it shows. As a teacher, she is patient, kind, joyful, and easily handles the needs of a group of people with different skill levels.  We were all inexperienced paddle boarders, so we started off the morning just learning the basics - how to stand up, how to balance, how to paddle and turn. Amazing how quickly we adjusted! Any fears of how we would manage to do yoga on a paddle board quickly dissipated. What a fantastic yoga class in one of the worlds most beautiful studios! One of Felicia's skills is the ability to bring in the beauty and peace of nature.  She continually reminded us to look around, to be with what is, and with her guidance our surroundings became an integral part of our practice.  Fantastic - words are not enough.  Forget the words… get on out there and experience it yourself! 
- Amy J., Carson City, NV

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